Street Car Experience

The Street Car Experience runs on our 3km road racing circuit and provides you with the opportunity to drive the Street Car of your choice from the list below, in a safe and controlled environment.  Program designed and run by former professional race car driver and track owner Uli Bieri.

Your first visit will consist of: registration, in-class briefing, two track discovery laps and your drive time in the vehicle you selected. The actual driving time on the road course will depend on your skill level and the number of laps you purchased. For subsequent sessions, you will not be required to take the in-class briefing or discovery laps, and based on your performance you may not require the instructor to be in the vehicle with you during your on-tracks driving experience.

Anyone with a driver’s license can register! The driver’s license does not need to be from Ontario, but must still be valid at time of drive. Drivers with a G1 or G2 driver’s license can take part as long as track waiver is signed.  International license accepted.

1998 BMW 540i

1988 PORSCHE 944

2005 MAZDA RX-8

1998 BMW 540i silver manual transmission – 2005 Mazda RX8 red manual Transmission – 2001 BMW 330i blue manual transmission – 2003 Infinity G35 black manual transmission – 1998 VW Turbo beetle silver manual transmission – 2003 Mercedes C230 black automatic transmission – 2003 BMW 330ci white manual transmission – 1988 944 turbo Porsche black manual transmission – 2003 BMW M3 Coupe – Standard – 2011 BMW 335 Coupe – Standard – black – 2005 Chyrsler 300 SRT-8 – Automatic – 2006 Audi A6 automatic

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